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The BioScience Research Collaborative is an innovative space where scientists and educators from Rice University and other Texas Medical Center institutions work together to perform leading research that benefits human medicine and health. Thoughtfully designed to facilitate and encourage interdisciplinary interactions among interinstitutional researchers, the BRC is equipped for cutting-edge laboratory, theoretical and computational investigations. Research encompasses a wide range of disciplines from chemistry to bioengineering and focuses largely on improving human wellness through science.

MGC provided and installed an integrated laboratory bench system designed to be totally adaptable to changing conditions and supply all the services required in a self contained and self standing bench assembly.  Plumbing and electrical services are distributed from overhead utilizing quick connect fittings for rapid change.  Work surfaces are kept open to accommodate multiple sizes and configurations of equipment, lighted at each work surface with LED low energy consuming task lights.  The combination of high tech lab workstations with premium rift cut oak laboratory casework makes for an attractive combination of tradition and state of the art laboratory equipment and casework.

MGC provided Norlake Scientific environmental rooms on every floor including two plant growth chambers.  Precise and reliable temperature and humidity control is maintained with water cooled condensing units located in the small amount of space above each room, dessicant bed dehumidifiers, atomizers, and microprocessor controls and chart recorders.

We also provided numerous equipment items for this project including Biosafety Cabinets, laser curtains, ice machines, painted steel casework with stainless steel tops, and water purification equipment,

This is a unique building designed to foster interaction between Rice and Texas Medical Center researchers, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration.  We are grateful to have played a small part.


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